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A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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 NCSA Launching Raid on Sarasovia!

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NCSA Launching Raid on Sarasovia! Empty
PostSubject: NCSA Launching Raid on Sarasovia!   NCSA Launching Raid on Sarasovia! I_icon_minitimeFri May 28, 2010 4:17 pm

- pyotr grips his F2000 then -
- he slams a mag inside then -
Pyotr: How did I know. Bronco, open thees damn door!
- bronco walks to the door -
- Pyotr stands right in front of it -
- bronco opens the door -
- pyotr sprays at NCSA Troops then -
- they all drop to the ground -
- he walks up and sprays the wounded -
- the air raid sirens go off -
Pyotr: They can't get the capital, scramble the jets!
- 10 F/A-18's take off fast -
- they are fully armed for Air to Air Combat -
- 40 F-16's take off then -
- all 20 of the F4's take off then -
- they roll in to take out the NCSA Units -
- everyone was trained by the One X Operators, so they are fully trained, and trained to be elite -
- victor begins taking heat from two F-16's -
- victors F/A-18 begins spiraling downwards -
- two F4's fly up then, they fir eoff their 30mm Cannons -
- the planes fall down then -
- explosions are heard below -
- SAM Missiles begin going off -
- NCSA Troops are coming in from helicopters -
Pyotr: Get in!
- pyotr gets in the driver seat of a humvee -
- breakout gets on the M2 -
- bronco gets in the front seat -
- andrei gets in the passenger seat -
- they head out then -
- the blue angels appear out of no where, they still have the Blue Angels painting -
- they lock onto NCSA units -
- they fire off missiles, slamming them down -
- the thunderbirds come in fast -
- they fire off to some NCSA Units -
- a Sarasoviet F-15 flies up to the Blue Angels -
- he waves with a criss-cross -
- he rolls off then -
- he intercepts an F-16 -
- he fires off his machine gun, slamming the NCSA plane down -
- the american units head out then -
- pyotr gets the Blue Angel leader on radio -
Pyotr: Thank you for your assistance, for helping us, we will get your USS Pueblo back to you from North Korea.

BA Squad Leader: 10-4, I'll inform my officer.
- pyotr puts the radio up -
- he slams the gas -
- he runs over an NCSA Soldier -
- breakout is slamming NCSA soldiers with the fifty caliber -
- a One X Ch-46 flies overhead -
- it begins a strafing run on ground forces -
- it heads off fast -
- an Oh-58D flies over them -
Attack Heli Pilot: Giving Air Cover, over.
Bronco: Roga' that.
- bronco begins firing out the door -
- after a few hours of fighting -
- the NCSA troops retreat, the mess is cleaned up -
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NCSA Launching Raid on Sarasovia!
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