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A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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 One X Engages in Bombing Raids on the Syrian Capital, they invade.

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One X Engages in Bombing Raids on the Syrian Capital, they invade. Empty
PostSubject: One X Engages in Bombing Raids on the Syrian Capital, they invade.   One X Engages in Bombing Raids on the Syrian Capital, they invade. I_icon_minitimeWed May 26, 2010 3:50 pm

- two AC-130 Spectres fly over Syria -
- they begin firing 40mm Rounds -
- they slam into buildings then -
- they fire off the 25mm gun -
- it slams into buildings then -
- they aim the 105mm Howitzer at the Presidential Office -
- they fire it off -
- it blows the place to pieces -
- they return to Rammstein -
- the F-16's and F-4's fly in real fast -
- they drop Napalm and Conventional Ordinance in the area, they then return to the Enterprise -
- they quickly refuel and rearm -
- they fly in fast, they get scans for nuclear weapons -
- they fly over a military base, they scan an area and it tests positive -
- they fly over the barracks -
- one of the F-16's drops a Conventional Bomb, this slams the barracks and blows it up -
Victor: We're comin' in.
- 5 SH-60s, and two MH-53 Pavelows fly into the capital -
- they hover over the military base -
- they drop the ropes, operators flow down the ropes for a long time -
- gunfire breaks out then -
- operators drop the soldiers seamlessly -
- Pyotr, Andrei, Breakout, and Bronco run to the nuclear storage area -
Bronco: Victor, we need strafing runs on these soldiers. Keep your fire as far away from us as possible.
Victor: 10-4. Rollin' in hot.
- victor is rolling a Seahawk with pilot controlled rockets, and 7.62mm Miniguns -
- he begins to hover -
- he fires off his miniguns to syrian soldiers -
- they slam down to the ground -
-bronco and pyotr grip to a warhead, they drag it out well -
- a pavelow rolls in -
- the gunner lights up the Syrian soldiers -
- they load 10 Nuclear Warheads onto a pavelow -
- another pavelow rolls in as the other takes off for the enterprise -
- we load 10 SCUD Missiles onto it, it heads to the Enterprise -
- victor runs out of ammo -
- his gunners light the soldiers up -
- a syrian squad attacks the four Operators -
- they duck behind cover -
- pyotr grips a tear gas grenade -
- he pulls the pin, and pulls his mask over his face -
- he throws it well -
- it blows up in the soldiers faces -
- he sprays the troops down -
- he reloads fast then -
- they run to victors helicopter which is taking fire -
- they hop in fast -
- just as the Seahawk is about to fly off, a rocket slams the tail -
Pyotr: SHIT!
- they slam into the ground hard -
- everybody is seriously injured -
- pyotr wakes up first -
- he grabs his rifle, he climbs out of the hole -
- immediately, syrian soldiers light him up, he ducks back in -
- he aims up, and fires off, he drops two men -
- he grips his radio -
Pyotr: Hammer 6-2, my crew is injured, we need air support, over!
Hammer 6-2: Rollin' in!
- a group of F-4's fly in fast -
- they spray their 30mm Cannons then -
- they slam into Syrian Soldiers -
- by now, the rest of the guys have woken up -
- they begin firing on the soldiers -
- an A-10 rolls in fast -
- they hear the cannon spur up -
Pyotr: You might want to cover your ears.
- explosions are heard, as well as screams -
- a pavelow flys in well -
- pyotr grips victor well, pulling him out -
- bronco grips victors legs, they get in the pavelow -
- they fly to the Enterprise -
- when they get there, pyotr is treated and he goes to his study -
- he writes a letter to the Syrian President -

This letter is to the following;
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
Syrian Prime Minister Muhammad Naji al-Otari
Speaker of Parliament Mahmoud al-Abrash

Well Mister President, it seems my bombing raids haven't killed you have they? Yes, well they blew up your office, and I'm taking over here. I've taken over Cuba, Georgia, and now Syria. I took 10 of your Nuclear Warheads, and 10 SCUD Missiles. Do yourself a favour, stay out of my way. Get out of MY country. I have conquered Syria, I have conquered your soldiers, if you do not leave the country in 48 hours, you will be found, and shot in the head as sentence.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
President of Cuba,
President of Georgia,
President of Syria,

- this was sent out to the public, and to the syrian government -
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One X Engages in Bombing Raids on the Syrian Capital, they invade.
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