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A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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 CNN - Georgia taken by One X

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CNN - Georgia taken by One X Empty
PostSubject: CNN - Georgia taken by One X   CNN - Georgia taken by One X I_icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 5:19 pm

- an AC-130 Spectre flies over into Georgia -
- it is followed by 5 SH-60 Seahawks -
- the AC-130 gives us thermal feeds of soldiers, and AA Guns -
- Bronco and Andrei let rip on the AA Systems with the Gatling Guns -
- they blow up well then -
- the Seahawks hit Tibilisi, they drop the ropes -
- pyotr, andrei, breakout, and bronco are the first to rope down -
- shadow and banzai go down and run down an alley -
- hitman and crow rope down and go to cover with pyotr, and the others -
- a seahawk rolls in on a strafing run, the gunners firing on soldiers -
- pyotr would fire off, followed by andrei, and bronco -
- a one x operator would hit the ground -
Pyotr: COVER ME!
- he runs to the operator, dragging him to cover -
- he grips his syringe -
- he flicks the needle -
- he injects morphine so well -
- this eases the pain of the wound -
- he drops his bag on the ground -
- he drops the med kit -
- he opens it up -
- he grabs some tweezers, he pulls the bullet out -
- he pours some peroxide on it -
- he grips a needle and thread -
- he stitches the wound up -
- he puts some medical tape around it -
- he puts everything back, putting the bag on his back -
PyotR: We're movin' up!
- they charge at the soldiers -
- they fire off shots at them -
- pyotr and andrei move into a building and get on a roof to mark targets -
- hours pass, and darkness begins to fall -
- bronco and breakout are on a roof parallel to andrei, and pyotr -
- pyotr grips his radio -
Pyotr: Grid 2-5,53337651, LIGHT' EM UP!
- gunfire re-emerges into the air then -
- pyotr marks a building -
- a Seahawk comes in then -
- it lights up the building well -
Andrei: Georiga, what a joke..
Pyotr: Roger that.
- pyotr continues firing then -
- andrei picks off a soldier with a headshot -
- the Seahawk rolls out to the Enterprise that is off shore -
- the Enterprise begins firing cannons onto targets -
- a building full of soldiers is ripped apart -
- crow, hitman, shadow, and banzai have commandeered a rocket artillery camp -
Pyotr: What's the status on the artillery!?
Shadow: It's online.
Pyotr: Grid 236541960, fire!
- the rockets begin hammer the soldiers -
- Beirut is ripped apart -
Bronco: We're moving!
- they begin roping off the buildings -
- the seahawks land on a road -
- bronco, breakout, pyotr, and Andrei pile into one -
- they take off and head to Chouf District, a supposed Military stronghold with strong intel -
- they land about 3 miles away -
- they head through a forest then -
- they hit the treeline, they get prone -
- machine gunners set-up their positions -
Pyotr: LIGHT' EM UP!
- everyone begins firing on the soldiers -
- soldiers drop like crazy -
- everybody keeps firing then -
- Pyotr and Andrei sneak into the Command Center -
- they fire off to some guards, dropping them -
- pyotr goes to the CO Office which would be empty -
- he'd grip some files on the Georgian Military -
- he'd grip a pen, and a piece of paper -
- he writes on the paper:
I, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky take the country of Georgia as ours, you have no infrastructure, no resistance, no reason to fight back. If you choose to fight back, our forces as well as Aircraft, and Ships will rip you to shreds. We have superior technology, we take any scragglers Prisoner of War, we take all weapons in your Arsenal as ours. The Country of Georgia is officially OURS.

One X
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Cuban President

- he takes this, and he puts it in his bag -
- they run out of the building -
- they fire off rounds into soldiers -
- the Seahawks roll in and spin up any soldiers left -
- they land to pick us up -
- we head to an airfield and get on a C-130 Hercules and head to the Rammstein AFB -

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CNN - Georgia taken by One X Empty
PostSubject: Re: CNN - Georgia taken by One X   CNN - Georgia taken by One X I_icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 6:35 pm

AT first I though it was the state in the U.S. x]
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CNN - Georgia taken by One X
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