The War

A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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 Cuba surrenders!

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PostSubject: Cuba surrenders!   Tue May 25, 2010 4:07 pm

- 2 AC-130 'Spooky' Gunships fly into Cuban Territory -
- a 25mm Gun goes off, slamming into AA emplacements -
- a 105mm round hits a military base -
- two of the 40mm rounds hit the presidential residance -
- pyotr, andrei, bronco, and breakout parachute with a humvee -
- the chutes come out then -
- they hit the ground well -
- they get in the humvee and drive to the military base -
- breakout doesn't fire off the 50 Cal just yet -
- a squad of cuban soldiers runs towards them -
- he fires off at them -
- this drops them to the ground, dead -
- pyotr grips his kimber -
- he drives by an injured Cuban Soldier -
- he fires off at him -
- slamming the soldier in the back, killing him -
- they speed up to the command center -
- breakout sprays the building with the 50 Cal -
- he slams all the windows and doors -
- they get out fast, holding their M16's -
- pyotr kicks the door in and sprays the room down -
- he is followed by the rest of the group -
- they go to the CO's office -
- pyotr aims his m16 to the CO -
- the co pulls out his Magnum -
- pyotr drops his rifle -
- he flips over the desk -
- he smacks the magnum out of the mans hand -
- he twists his arm, and smacks his head on the desk -
- he puts his kimber to the mans head -
Pyotr: You really want to try that?
- the CO stays silent -
Pyotr: Didn't think so.
- bronco grips to the CO's hands -
- he cuffs them well -
- he cuffs the CO's legs -
- he pushes him with the tip of his rifle into the corner -
- pyotr walks to a file cabinet -
- he puts his kimber to the lock -
- he fires it off well -
- the CO flinches -
- the cabinet pops out then -
- pyotr grips all the files he can -
- he puts them in his bag -
- he drags the CO to the humvee -
- a C-130 Hercules lands at the base -
- pyotr drives the humvee onto the ramp and inside -
- he is greeted by his squad -
- later on, they return to Cuba and they take it over -
- Pyotr is sworn is as President -
- he lifts the communism from the country and makes it a nationalist-based nation -
- he trains all the troops, with the help of his operators -
- they rebuild the country -

- the new flag is raised on the shoreline -

Later on, the Cuban CO was executed.
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Cuba surrenders!
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