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A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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 Confederate States Attacked By One X

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PostSubject: Confederate States Attacked By One X   Confederate States Attacked By One X I_icon_minitimeMon May 24, 2010 4:10 pm

- the whole team boards 1 C-17 Globemaster -
Victor: Check... Check... Check...
Sting: Roger, cleared for takeoff.
- they speed down the runway well -
- they take off from Rammstein well, heading off to the CSA -
- they begin reaching CSA Territory -
- Pyotr heads to the cockpit -
Pyotr: Victor, once we all airdrop, you return home. You hear me?
Victor: Yes sir.
- pyotr heads back to his seat -
Victor: Droppin' the ramp!
Sting: Roger.
- the ramp begins to drop -
- everyone puts their chutes on and move to the ramp -
- they jump off well -
- Pyotr free falls for a LONG time -
- he finally rams out his parachute -
- they all hit the ground then -
- they ram their chutes off -
Bronco: Dumbasses.. they picked the National Guard to help them.
Pyotr: I know right?
- they move silently then -
- they find a good hiding spot then -
- pyotr and andrei aim down their sights -
Andrei: Tangos, two of'em 12 o'clock.
Pyotr: Roger.
- they both tag the CSA Guards, hitting them one shot. Dropping' em -
Pyotr: Let's move!
- they run down to the gate of an Outpost -
- bronco lays a charge well -
Bronco: Get back!
- they all move away from the gate -
- bronco hits a red button -
- the gate flies off the hinges -
- they move in well -
- Bronco sprays off his G36K well, slamming quite a few soldiers -
- all the men firing their weapons -
- they are tagging the CSA Troops like crazy -
- Pyotr drops his rifle, he grabs Andrei's "Kimber" -
- he cocks it back -
- he fires it off at CSA Troops -
- they ram them down fast -
- everything falls silent well -
- pyotr hands Andrei his Kimber back -
- andrei slides it away then -
- pyotr grips his rifle -
- he reloads it fast -
Hitman: Let's clear the rest of it, have Victor get us.
Pyotr: Clear the camp. Yes, have Victor get us. No.
Hitman: Why?
Pyotr: Because these CSA fuckers are all around us.
- hitman just shuts his mouth -

- pyotr runs to a troop transport truck well -
- he gets in the driver seat -
- andrei get's in the passenger -
- everybody else get's in the back -
- pyotr keeps a firm grip on his pistol -
Pyotr: Buckle up. We're going for a ride.
- he slams the gas well -
- they speed off into the distance -

- from behind them, 4 One X F/A-18's fly into the base -
- they bomb the hell out of it -
- there isn't one building that isn't damaged -
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Confederate States Attacked By One X
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