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A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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 CNN - Aid is given to Somalia!

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CNN - Aid is given to Somalia! Empty
PostSubject: CNN - Aid is given to Somalia!   CNN - Aid is given to Somalia! I_icon_minitimeSun May 23, 2010 2:54 pm

Victor: Jester 5 is entering Somali Airspace, Air traffic Control, do you read me?
ATC: Roger that, clear to enter.
Victor: Droppin' the ramp!
Pyotr: Les' go!
- pyotr and bronco jump out first, followed by 25 other men, well armed -
- aid supplies, weapons, uniforms, and vests are paradropped safely to the ground -
- as they land, they throw their chutes away -
- pyotr holds his rifle, as well as the rest -
- they drag the stuff to a vehicle that was dropped, throwing it in the back -
- they get in, and head to mogadishu -
- bronco grabs the radio off the dash -
Bronco: We're inbound to your position.
Somali Soldier: All right.
- they stop in front of the capital -
Pyotr: Hello me friend.
- he walks to the soldier, shaking his hand -
- the soldier nods his head -
Pyotr: All dees' sheet is yours..
- the rest of the soldiers come out and get the shet -
- Victor having landed his C-5 Galaxy at the Airfield -
- he'd take off in his Pavelow -
- heading to our position -
- he'd land in front of the capital -
- we'd pile inside then -
- flying off to the Enterprise then -
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CNN - Aid is given to Somalia!
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