The War

A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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PostSubject: CNN - INVASION OF HAWAII   Thu May 20, 2010 6:14 pm

- they dock the enterprise ashore quickly -
- crow stays aboard the ship as well as a squad of operatives -
- the others board the pavelow -
- zoran holds an rpg-7 well -
- he sticks it out the side of the chopper -
Zoran: We're off..
- the pavelow takes off from the enterprise -
- they fly up to the US Base -
- he fires off the rpg, quickly dropping it and grabbing the Minigun -
- the rocket hits the command center, slamming through a wall -
- this injures 10 people then -
- zoran fires the minigun like crazy -
- victor drops the ramp fast -
- a rope drops fast -
- zoran lets go of the M136 -
- bronco goes down, followed by the rest -
- zoran heads to cover, as well as everybody else -
- zoran fires to a guard on a tower then, he falls to the corner -
- zoran grips to his incendiary grenade -
- he pulls the pin, throwing with all his might at the tower -
- this hits the tower, blowing it up -
- a little bird heads in fast -
- victor does a strafing run on the US soldiers -
Zoran: Advance!
- he fires off 3 perfect shots, one hits each man -
- they move up to the gate -
- zoran sends the barrel of his gun to the hinges, firing off a round -
- the gate flies open -
- they rush in, firing controlled shots, hitting all the people -
- krieger runs up quickly -
- he rips the us soldiers to pieces with his Machine Gun -
- Zoran aims down to a sniper fast, firing off, slamming the snipers head -
- the Enterprise opens fire on the camp, slamming the Command Center, and every other important place -
- a blackhawk comes down fast -
Victor: LET'S GO!
- everyone gets in then -
- they fly off away from there -
- they land on the carrier after 6 hours of fighting -
- later, a flag is draped over the camp -

- 'The Losers' Flag
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