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A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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 CNN - Bagram Air Base Breached!

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CNN - Bagram Air Base Breached! Empty
PostSubject: CNN - Bagram Air Base Breached!   CNN - Bagram Air Base Breached! I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 7:02 pm

Zoran: Let's get dees going people..
- Zoran holds his AKM then -
Bronco: Let's move.. Zoran, blow the wall.
Zoran: On eet..
- zoran runs to the wall -
- he sets his rifle down -
- he grips to his bag, ripping out explosives -
- he connects it to the wires -
- he rigs it to blow in 30 seconds -
- he duct tapes it to the wall -
- he grips his rifle as it ticks down -
- he runs to safety then -
- he aims to the guard tower -
- he fires off his shots as the wall blows -
- the guard falls off the tower -
Zoran: MOVE IN!
- they all run in fast -
- zoran snapping onto targets quickly and dropping them -
- hitman gets behind a trash can and sets up his M240B -
- Zoran aims to an Afghan Soldier -
- he fires off well, dropping him then -
- US Troops continue pounding them -
- a bullet goes past Zoran's head -
Zoran: Eh, hold dees.
- he gives his rifle to Shadow -
- he whips out his pistols -
- he walks out and begins dropping soldiers left and right -
- he drops his Deagle -
- he pops a cap in an Afghan -
Zoran: MOVE UP!
- he picks up his Deagle, and grabs his AKM -
- he reloads his pistols and slides them away -
- he aims his AKM up then -
- he fires a Gp-25 round -
- this slams a Gunner Position-
- he relods the launcher well -
- he rolls up then -
- he sprays his Akm around -
- soldiers drop to the ground -
- he hits mag release -
- he flips a mag out, grabbing it in mid-air and slamming it in -
- he slams the charging handle back -
- he holds the Akm with one hand, and grabs his M1911 with the other -
- he walks up and begins firing off -
Zoran: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
- he keeps firing off until everything falls silent -
Zoran: Fuckers..
- a gunner letts rip on him -
- he rolls from this, swiftly reloading his M1911 -
- he fires off to the gunner, slamming his head -
- he reloads his Akm then -
Zoran: Bronco, come weeth me.. I need cover..

- they sprint to the fuel tanks -
Zoran: Give me your Grenades. NOW!
- bronco hands over three grenades -
- Zoran lines them up on the runway -
- he camoflauges them well -
- he sets a Claymore by a fuel tank -
- and he plants a C4 Charge on a Command Building -
Zoran: Les' go..
- they sprint away then -
- American Soldiers hit the trip wire then, tearing them to shreds with the grenades -
- the Claymore blows up, sending 10 fuel tanks ablaze -
- the C4 on the armed F-15 blows up, making a large explosion -
- Bagram is then in ruins -
- Zoran holsters all of his weapons, beside his AKM -
Zoran: Let's move out!
- they sprint to the vehicle -
- he jumps in the passenger seat holding his Akm -
- they drive off fast, the helmet cam goes dead -
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CNN - Bagram Air Base Breached!
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