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 CNN News - U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Successfully Destoryed.

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CNN News - U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Successfully Destoryed. Empty
PostSubject: CNN News - U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Successfully Destoryed.   CNN News - U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Successfully Destoryed. I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 3:39 pm

-A mixture of Carrier Cams, Aircraft Cams, and other cams are shown on the CNN Channel.-

-A PMI AC-130 flies circles around a Aircraft Carrier in the middle of the ocean.-

Aircraft Carrier Captian: Please Identify your self. Over.
Unknown AC-130 Pilot: Echo 2-3, AC-130 Pilot.
A.C. Captian: Understood. Over. Are you armed ?
AC-130 Pilot: Yes. Let me unload before landing..
A.C. Captian: Und-- What !?

- After this, the AC-130 unleashes a 105mm Round into the Aircraft Carrier. -
-It smacks into the port side, making a giant hole. -
- A 40mm round is shot into the bridge-
-It smacks into the bridge-
-It takes otu everyone inside the bridge, along with communications.-
-The carrier begins to take on water.-
-The 25mm chaingun is unleashed onto the decks, destorying the aircraft and passengers.-
-The AC-130 then fires a 105mm round into the engines, destorying them completly-
-The aircraft carrier takes on much water-
-The carrier begins to sink.-
-THe aircraft carrier sinks to the bottem-
-All passengers are dead.-
-No radio words got out to Command.-

AC-130 Pilot: Mission Complete.

- Long Silence -

Bronco: Good..

-The carrier is completely destoryed-
-The carrier cannot be found again-
-If they sent out search teams, it would NOT come up-

Bronco: Return to base. Bravo 2 Firebase.

AC-130 Pilot: Understood.

Unknown: Any other American Sailors.. Soldiers.. I'm here to get you.. - the man chuckles to himself -
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CNN News - U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Successfully Destoryed.
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