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A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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 One X has a secret Rendezvous with 22nd SAS

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PostSubject: One X has a secret Rendezvous with 22nd SAS   Sun May 30, 2010 3:52 pm

- jack, pyotr, anya, and baby lisa move towards the 20 SAS Troops -
Pyotr: Well, well..
1Lt. John Striker: Yes, Pyotr, we'll defect with you. My men are some of the best out there, they'll suit you nicely.
Pyotr: Very well.
Pyotr: I'll have a chopper pick us up.
Victor: Pyotr, we've got a Predator up here armed with AGM's.
Pyotr: Take it down. NOW!
- victor fires his 30mm Gatling Gun -
- it slams the predator drone to bits -
- gunfire outbreaks really quickly -
Pyotr: Jack, come with me. Pyotr, Lisa, stay with the Brits.
- anya nods to pyotr -
- pyotr and jack jog off quickly -
- they fire off rounds at some Rangers, they drop down -
Victor: Damn, they got jet's coming in.
Pyotr: Take care of them for me.
Victor: Roger.
- victor's plane flies overhead -
- missiles fire off quickly, slamming two F-15's -
Jack: Damn.
- pyotr and jack sit pinned by a wall -
Pyotr: On the count of three, we light them up.
- jack nods to pyotr -
Pyotr: 3.
- they get out of cover and light the Rangers up -
- Victor flies in on a strafing run and hit's some rangers -
Jack: Let's get back to the others.
- they run back to the girls -
- they snap onto rangers and drop them -
- none of the SAS Operators have been hit -
- a Sarasoviet Kiowa flies over -
- they hit the rangers with machine guns -
- a pavelow lands by the One X Operators -
- everybody piles aboard then -
- they fly away from there, followed by the kiowa -
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One X has a secret Rendezvous with 22nd SAS
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