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A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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 One X in steady firefight. Unknown male seen.

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One X in steady firefight. Unknown male seen. Empty
PostSubject: One X in steady firefight. Unknown male seen.   One X in steady firefight. Unknown male seen. I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 7:46 pm

- Helma-Shizz cams. -

- The One X team is gathered in a Urban area. -
- It is night, and the flash of Flares, gunfire, and AA Guns light the night. -
- Pyotr, Andrei, Breakout, Anya, and Baby Lisa are are the firefight. -
- They all open fire on insurgents, Rebels against Sarasovia. -
- The One X are protecting a downed Seaknight, with Equipment in it. -
- The Seaknight is behind them, in firey ruins. -
- All inside is safe, fires on the outsides. -
- The One X keeps the fire fight going. -
- A Unknown man comes up from the side of One X's view. -
- The Man begins to take down the Rebels. -
- He does this with so much ease. -
- Most of his shots are neck shots, head shots, and chest shots. -
- He then takes out his Kimber, and begins firing at the Rebels. -
- One X's team watches the man do this. -
- The Man's lower face is covered, by the scarf in the Bio. -
- The Man then reloads his Kimber, holsters it, and takes out his Kukris. -
- He then charges at the Rebels, slicing them up -
- He then cuts off a man's arm. -
- He stabns the arm as it falls. -
- He then stabs the kukri, with the arm, into the same guy's chest.-
- He then kicks the man off his kukri, then takes the arm off. -
- The Unknown holsters his Kukri's and takes out a M67 grenade. -
- He takes off the pin, and tosses it under a Jeep from the Rebels. -
- The jeep blows up, almost instantly. -
- The Unknown man then looks ot the One X team. -
- One X aims their guns at the Unknown man. -

Pyotr: ID your self !
Unknown Man: You don't need my identification. It wastes time.
Baby Lisa: ID your self NOW !
Unknown Man: You know who I am, Lisa Mason.
Baby Lisa: Wait, what did you call me !?
Unknown Man: I called you your name. Now remember the man who gave you it.
Baby Lisa: What.. Holy.. Jack !?
Jack " Panther " Mason: Yes, darling ?
Lisa Mason: Jack !

- Lisa runs to Jack, hugging him. -
- The two hug each other, not seeing each other for a long time. -
- The two then slowly un-hug, walking away from the downed Seaknight -

Pyotr: Who the fuck was that.. ?

- The One X hears the roar of a unknown motorized vehicle, as it slowly gets further. -
- The sound is gone, and the One X team then unpacks the Seaknight-

- End of Footage. -
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One X in steady firefight. Unknown male seen.
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