The War

A Small force looking to jeopardize the future of the United States and it's allies, but also fighting terroism.
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PostSubject: One X Pinned Down !   One X Pinned Down ! I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 6:31 pm

- bronco, anya, pyotr, and about 10 other operators sit in a house, they are taking heavy enemy fire -
- a scream and a thud is heard -
- pyotr rushes to an operator -
- bullets fly past his head and into a wall -
- he grips the operator and drags him to a new position -
PyotR: ANYA! Take care of him!
- pyotr points to the operator -
- she fires off a few more rounds -
- she puts her F2000 on safety and moves to the operator -
- john, pyotr and two operators go down stairs -
- they set up a machine gun nest -
- pyotr goes out front by a brick wall -
- he snaps on to targets, firing, and dropping them -
- an F4 Comes in fast, he drops a cluster bomb on an enemy position -
- he flies off out of sight -
- john lights up some enemies -
- machine gun fire from an enemy position outbreaks -
- pyotr runs in the house -
- he barricades the door well -
- everybody runs upstairs then -
- the operator anya was taking care of is dead -
- anya looks at pyotr and shakes her head -
- pyotr runs to a weapons case -
- he unsnaps it fast -
- he puts his Tar-21 down -
- he grips the M-32 MGL -
- he loads up 6 40mm grenades in it -
- he aims at an enemy truck -
- he fires it off well, blowing up the truck -
- he picks his Tar-21 up again -
- as he does, bronco hits the ground -
Pyotr: JOHN!
- pyotr runs to him, he checks his pulse -
Pyotr: FUCK!
- he stands up well -
- he sprays out the window -
- Victor flies in with an F/A-18 -
- he fires his cannon off at enemies -
- he fires off two missiles, they hit the enemy stronghold -
- the F4 comes back in, it drops two cluster bombs on enemy positions -
- two MH-53 Pavelows fly in -
- the gunners light up the enemies -
- everybody rushes out of the building -
- pyotr has john's body over his shoulder -
- they fly towards the Kastalia -
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One X Pinned Down !
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